Eligible Wigs for Return and Exchange

Eligible Wigs for Return and Exchange


An "Eligible Wig" means is that has only been briefly tried on and is still in brand new condition. 

No styling. No brushing. No playing with the part or fluffing. You’re only trying it on to see if it fits because no one will want to buy your returned item if you style it or mess it up before they get it. 

If we can't resell it and it's not defective, we will send it back to you and reject the return or exchange. 

An eligible wig MUST be in the following condition

  1. Unworn and in the same brand-new condition with the tag as when it arrived at your door. 

By this, we mean that if someone else were to purchase and receive this item, they would not be able to tell that it was ever on your head or in your possession. 

      Some good examples of what not to do:

  • Do not wear it to work or the grocery store.
  • Do not change the part.
  • Do not comb it. 
  • Do not bake a cake with it on.
  • Do not smoke while wearing it.
  • Do not attend prom while wearing it.
  • Do not spray stuff on the wig.
  • Do not vigorously “fluff” the crown to see how much volume you can get.
  • Do not loosen up the curls to see how relaxed they can look.
  • Do not film a review of it for YouTube -- unless you decide to keep it! 


  1. Must be in the same packaging with all the original tissue, box, tags, hairnet, and other materials.

Be careful when you’re repackaging your item! 

  1. Must not be combed, brushed, washed, cut, dyed, or altered in any way.

We're VERY picky about our returns! 

We don't actually want to reject your returns! We just want to make sure whoever buys your return from us in the future ends up with a wig they'll love.  

Some folks try to send messed up stuff back knowing we'll probably send it back and then get angry that we do what we have to do in those situations. That's why we're giving you plenty of warning about this in advance! 

  1. Must not have any detectable odors (such as cigarette smoke, sweat, leave-in products, glossers, perfume, etc.). 

We absolutely sniff all of our returns! 

  1. Must not have anything sprayed or applied to the hair, including leave-in conditioners, glosses, and other wig care products. (Again, it's redundant but important!) 

Did we mention that we seriously sniff every return? 

  1. Must be free of signs of wear. 

NOTE: If you suspect that the item is defective or had potential signs of wear BEFORE it arrived at your door, please let us know either on your return/exchange form or contact leesbestwigshair@gmail.com 

      Examples of signs of wear include (but are not limited to): 

  • Tangling at the nape of longer wigs.
  • Disrupted curl or wave patterns
  • Disrupted parts (most wigs will come with a zig-zag part off to one side)
  • Stretched out, broken, or distorted fibers due to brushing, etc. 
  • Makeup on the interior of the cap.
  • Stretched out the cap.
  • Damaged monofilament features, usually the result of pulling or rough handling. 
  • Items that have been altered or customized in ANY way


  1. Must not be excluded based upon any the criteria listed below for items that cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason.

      Items that cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason: 

  • Cosplay, costume, and “fantasy” wigs
  • Eyelashes and other cosmetic products 
  • Clearance Wigs 
  • Overstock sale items
  • Discontinued merchandise
  • Hair care products and styling supplies
  • Liquids and aerosols
  • Gift cards and store credits
  • Wigs that have been altered to fit you in any way
  • Custom orders, defined as any item that is made specifically for you at your request*
  • Any items where the words “All Sales Final” or “Not Eligible For Return or Exchange” are advertised in the product description prior to purchase

All specialty items, defined as any item that cannot be ordered directly from the site without manager intervention.*

* Rule of thumb: if you have to contact us in order to buy the product because you don’t see it individually listed on the site, it’s a specialty item! This includes non-listed color variants for items otherwise listed on the site.



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