We Check All Returns Very Thoroughly!!!

Unlike other stores, we do NOT simply perform "spot checks" of the wigs that come back to us. Instead, we inspect the unboxing and inspection of every wig WITH PHOTOS OF EVERY STEP. 

Our warehouse management also performs daily spot checks in addition to these individual inspections.

Eligibility is a quality control measure that ensures all of the returned wigs in our clearance section are in great shape and ready-to-wear!

At, we never sell returned or exchanged items as new. Because of this, we inspect ALL returns thoroughly, individually, and on camera to ensure we never re-sell a worn or damaged product to someone else. 

Please don't send messed up wigs back to us! 


We Photograph the Receipt, Opening, and Inspection of all Returned Items

This protects us from anyone who cries “foul” for illegitimate reasons -- but it also protects you by keeping us accountable for our decisions. We keep these inspection photos on file for 90 days or more, at our discretion. 


All exchanges are paid out in the form of store credit after a passing wig is inspected

We do it this way to give you maximum flexibility over your exchanges! 

Credits are issued electronically via email to the same address used at the time your order was placed. Fees will automatically be deducted from this credit before it is issued. Store Credits do not have an expiration date, so you can take your time researching possible replacements. You DO NOT need to purchase something of equal or greater value with your credits. Credits can be accumulated and saved up for more expensive items. Credits can be used on a single item in a single order or multiple items spread out through many separate orders. There’s no limit to the possibilities – it is entirely up to you! Your original discount is non-transferrable if that offer has expired. However, you can use your credits in combination with any valid sales coupons in our store at any time. This means that you can often save more money if you’re able to wait for a sale! 

We reserve the right to charge a $30 per item exchange fee after the 3rd exchange on a single purchase

Exchanges are free (except for return shipping) and unlimited. However, we reserve the right to charge a $30 per-item exchange fee after the 3rd exchange. This will reset automatically the next time you place a fresh purchase with your credit card, PayPal, or Bitcoin. 



For your convenience, we provide shipping labels for all exchanges (the cost of which will be deducted from your store credit)

We do not charge a fee for exchanges, but the cost of the return shipping label WILL be deducted from the value of your exchange. 


We often get much better shipping rates than you might be able to receive on the consumer end, so it often saves you money to allow us to offer a label on your behalf, even if you are still ultimately paying for the return shipping.


This is to make our site a little less attractive to anyone trying to commit return fraud.



We always charge a 25% of the original price per item restocking fee for all refunds to the original payment method, regardless of the reason

Change your mind? Color not what you were expecting? Item doesn't fit? 

We highly recommend considering a free exchange instead of a refund. 

We always charge a higher restocking fee for ALL refunds, regardless of the reason.

A 25% of Original Price PER ITEM restocking fee on all returns to the original payment method may seem steep, but it is actually an anti-theft measure that specifically targets a kind of return fraud known as "wardrobing". 

Wardrobing is when someone buys a luxury item for limited use -- such as a son's graduation dinner or a wedding -- only to return it with the original tags in the hope of getting to use it for free or for just the cost of the shipping. 

In this store, we will ALWAYS charge a much higher fee for returns to the original payment method versus exchanges specifically to make this practice less appealing to those who might be tempted to try it. 

Plus, if you think about this, wardrobing wigs is a really gross practice! Wigs have more hygiene concerns than a pair of socks or a dress. NO ONE wants to buy a wig someone else wore to a party or for a weekend out on the town. 

In this store, we do everything possible to stop this problem in its tracks! (So, in case you ever wondered why clothing stores offer free refunds and wig stores tend not to -- now you know!)

If you know you definitely need some hair but you just need a little help finding the right one, we highly recommend an exchange for store credit.




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