Lucy wants to provide wigs in below the market price.

Lucy is the owner of and the wig specialist/colorist.

She makes & hand paints the wigs and hairpieces. She can also make hair pieces with your own hair. She can tailor the wig to your size.


The wigs are gaining popularity due to the very good quality of hair and the cost is affordable.


She designs and sells wigs all on her own, aiming to make things cheaper for her clients. She purchases weaving hair and materials at wholesale prices and crafts her own wigs in order to make things cheaper for customers. She understands how expensive other wig stores can be and wants to accommodate to your needs. She lowers the price of her wigs below the market price and only adds minimal labor charges!

The hair quality is great enough to wear for a long time.

Every natural hair wig can be colored. Some colored ones are not recommended for more coloring due to the heavy impact of painting on hairs. She will let you know if you have any questions. Please enjoy her handmade wigs. (TEXT 7078892490)

Making wig materials




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